Review Policy

I am currently open for accepting review request of finished book and ARCS from publishers, publicists, and authors themselves. Note this will change without notice so check back here frequently if you are interested.

What I accept:

  • Young Adult books of any subgenre (romance, dystopian, science fiction, ect.)
  • Very rarely, adult novels
  • Self published novels

What I do NOT accept:

  • Erotica and novels with graphic sex scenes or descriptions of nudity
  • Nonfiction novels
  • Books fetishizing/villainizing mental illness (“cr*zy” villains, books about “cr*zy” protagonists that need to be cured)
  • Books fetishizing LGBT

Formats I accept:

  • Print
  • digital copies (MOBI and EPUB)

I will (from 12/1/12 onwards) state clearly where I got my review copy from. For the most part, I have no preference when it comes to what format, though in some cases I might ask for a digital copy instead of a print copy. This hopefully will be a rare occurrence.

What to include in your review request:
This is very important that you follow this format. It does not have to be in order but most of the bullets must be in your request for me to think about accepting it.

  • Your name
  • Your Email
  • Are you an author, publisher, or publicist?
  • Publisher’s name and website (if it exists)
  • Synopsis of the book
  • links about the book*

*I would like there to be at least an Amazon link, a Goodreads link, and a website link.

The more information about the book the higher chance I will read it and review it. The Goodreads reviews are critical to me as I have a few trusted fellow bloggers whose opinions about a book have the chance to break it or make it. If it does not fit what I want for the book, I will not read it. I have many books to read and review and I will not waste my time reading a book that I normally would never have read in the first place.

All my reviews are 100% honest and I will never receive, expect, or consider any compensation for this. If you are still interested in contacting me, please visit my Contact page for more details.

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