Mini DNF Review – The Lost Prince

First ever mini-DNF review (act excited and such)
Yeah, since I’m like the only goddamn person who doesn’t like The Iron Fey series, I didn’t have high expectations for this book. My suspicions were accurate in that affair but I did spot of redeeming aspects, and these are what I found:

What I liked:
* The love interest
* The writing
* Julie Kagawa
* Grimalkin

What I didn’t like:
* Ethan.
* The pacing

I shall now go through each of the bullets and tell you a bit more about them (like a newb because I have no system for these reviews).

Kenzie was a very interesting character, a bit clichéd but still very well thought out. She was brave, intelligent, witty, and practically everything Meghan was not (for more info on why I hate Meghan with a passion here). As I never finished the book, I’m not exactly sure if she stays this way but I’m going to live in denial and pretend she will always be like this. I regret nothing.

The Writing
I really think that Julie Kagawa is a good author. I really do. I never liked her series (from what I have read of it) but I did adore her other book, The Immortal Rules. The writing was very expressive and accurate. I didn’t find any odd things in this book.

Julie Kagawa’s Maturing
In her previous series, Meghan was a very poorly written character. She was stupid, shallow, and what ever other insults that start with a “s”. I mean, Meghan didn’t move an inch while a huge person/thing ran charging up to her. In this book, the characters are more real and less idiotic. The plot was less holey and more thought out.

There are no words necessary. He is amazing.

He is the MC for this story and I despised him. He was a jackass in all respects and though I didn’t finish (which is why I’m doing this weird half review thing) I still hated him. Perhaps Kenzie straightens him out but I seriously doubt it.
The problem with my hating the character so much is the simple fact that he is the main character. I couldn’t stand being in his head. He was an emo, angsty (I guess he has reason for this but still) teen. It was a major drawback from being able to like this book to the full extent.

The Pacing
You might be asking yourself (but probably aren’t) “Lisbeth, you said you loved the writing! *gasp*”. It’s true, I did. It was lyrical and fun, but still dark at times. My major give with the writing is something called pacing. Dun, dun, dun.
It was either too slow or too fast and I had a lot of trouble concentrating on the story and focusing on what’s happening. I felt generally disconnected with the story and it’s characters, which is a shame because I did fall for the hype and the fact that everyone loved it and I hadn’t seen many less than 3 star reviews.

In conclusion:
The gist of my long mini review is that I did like it, but two major flaws stopped me from enjoying it as much as I ordinarily would have.

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