Interview with Nenia Campbell

Nenia Campbell is the author of two books, Cloak and Dagger and Endgame. I recently finished Endgame (review to come) which I absolutely devoured and I am planning on buying Cloak and Dagger as well. Nenia is a fellow reviewer (who some may know as Pikachu Ketchum turned indie author.

GR Author Description:
Nenia Campbell was born and raised in the United States. From infancy, she was fond of books- especially the cardboard ones; they were the most delicious. As she grew older, she learned that ‘devouring a book’ was a phrase not to be taken literally. As a result, she became a very enthusiastic reader. When she discovered that the stories she wanted to read did not exist she became an enthusiastic writer, as well.

Me: Hi guys and say hello to Nenia Campbell! Say hello to the readers, Nenia!
Nenia Campbell: HELLO READERS
Me: I have successfully persuaded Ms. Campbell to do an interview for you guys. Now, *turns to Nenia* what prompted you to write your books?
NC: Hmm… well I used to read stuff online when I was a teenager, and I began to notice that a lot of them were alike and not necessarily in the best ways so I thought, “I bet I could do better.” And after several years of fail, it even sort of started to be true.
Me: Wow, that’s really awesome. What would you say to aspiring authors, like myself?
NC: The most important thing for writing well is reading. Not only do learn what you SHOULD do, you also learn what you SHOULDN’T do.

It’s also important that you don’t expect to be good right off the bat. The books that are published have (presumably) been rewritten several times and I think it’s critical to keep in mind that even Harry Potter most likely started out as something jotted down on a napkin. :)

Me: I know you love to read and review, so you must have some favourite books and genres? Do your favourite genres and books influence your writing?
NC: My favorite genres are science-fiction, gothics, and nonfiction. I read a lot of psychology books and books about pop science.
It’s difficult to pick out an ultimate favorite out of the many books I’ve read but some of the highest ranked ones are “Fire and Hemlock” by Diana Wynne Jones, “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, “Poison Study” by Maria V. Snyder, “Heir Apparent” by Vivian Vande Velde, “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, “Ella Enchanted” by Gail Carson Levine, and “White Oleander” by Janet FitchI definitely think the books I read influence my writing. There’s a distinct psychological flavor to all my books because of my university studies, and I’m definitely edgier and geekier than a lot of my peers, I think, when it comes to the content of my YA romances.
Me:  I adore Poison Study as well. Wonderful characters and a beautiful plot.

How did your love for reading start and what is your fondest book related memory?

NC: I’ve always been an avid devourer of books- both literally and figuratively. I ate books, then I drew on them, and then, around age four, I learned to read them. It was pretty much love at first sight.One of my more amusing book-related memories happened in middle school, when I got on academic probation for having a low gpa. I was very disorganized and always losing my homework, because I crumpled it into a ball instead of filing it in a binder like a normal person. Anyway, my parents grounded me- and since they knew I never watched tv anyway, this meant taking away all my non-school-related books. I was devastated.
Me: Oh god, they took your books!?! For how long? I would never be able to live without non-school-related books.
NC: Until I got my grades up. So I spent a month or two in abject misery. It worked, though- I never dipped below a 3.0 ever again, and even graduated from my college cum laude. So parents, take note!
Me: I hope my mum doesn’t see that or it’s good-bye books and I’ll have no one other than you for that.
NC: Haha, well you said you’re not letting her on GR right? so you should be safe

Although this could work to my advantage. Hmm….
Me:  She reads my blog. dun dun dun. I might have to exclude some of your post.
Me:  I am an evil tyrant. You said this was like HG anyway.
NC:  I see that now.
Me:  Do you travel during your writing? Would you like too?
NC: No, I don’t. I usually write in bed or at the table with a mug of tea. I like being alone and relaxed when i write because otherwise I can’t focus.
Me: Computer or by hand?
NC: I write notes and story information by hand but story writing is almost always done on the computer
Me: Do you feel like you can safely review and write? As a reviewer, I’m sometimes scared to ever get my writing published because I won’t be able to review.
NC: Yup! I feel like I’m pretty fair as a reviewer and try not to impose any standards on others that I don’t already follow borderline-religiously myself. Except for typos. I suck at editing my own work- but thankfully, I have some editors now.
I’ve been challenged before but I’m usually able to refute negative commenters with examples that can at least make them see where I’m coming from. Worst case scenario, I just say, “Let’s agree to disagree!” or, if they’re really rude, “I respect that you like the book.” There’s just no point in arguing with trolls, period. :)
Me: That’s definitely a good strategy! I’m glad that I’ve never encountered any trolls on my own posts.
How long does to take to write the first manuscript on average?
NC: Hmmm. Well one of my WIPs (work in progress) took me 6 months to write. The first draft of Endgame took me three days. So it really depends.
Me: Wow! Three days? Well, we’re reaching the end of this interview, is there anything you’d like to add?
NC: I have a lot of stories planned! And I hope my indie-author status doesn’t scare people away from reading my books. I’m really very friendly. :)
Me: Thank you so much for agreeing to do the interview with me and I can’t wait for more! People, read her books. They’re good!


Cloak and Dagger:
btw: Nenia isn’t my mystery guest. dun dun dun. The mystery is killing you, isn’t it?

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