Liebster Blog Award 2012


First of all, thank you to Nerdy Girl for tagging me! Totally did not see that coming (well and the fact I didn’t know about the Liebster Awards) :) Second of all, sorry for not posting in a week (almost a week). Third of all, I have no idea how to do this so don’t expect anything more than rambling.  Truly sorry about that.

What is the Liebster Blog Award you may ask? Well, the Liebster Blog Award is an award given to bloggers who currently have under 200 followers. The award winners are to (a) share eleven facts about themselves (b) answer eleven questions asked by the blogger who tagged them (c) come up with their own set of eleven questions to ask bloggers and (d) tag eleven bloggers who they think are worthy of this award.
-Nerdy Girl

Eleven Random Facts

  1. I love mythology. Norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian.
  2. I love BBC.
  3. My secret love is Rick Riordan books.
  4. I am addicted to Goodreads.
  5. My book site used to be Shelfari. My username was Rogue (from X-Men).
  6. I prefer books to people. You can throw annoying books across the room, unlike with people.
  7. Seven is my favorite number.
  8. I have a little brother named Alex.
  9. I love PS3 games. Assassin’s Creed is probably one of the best I’ve played.
  10. My favorite Harry Potter book is probably the last one or the fourth one.
  11. When I blog, I usually watch TV.

Eleven Q & As:

1. Does a book have to have a happy ending for you to like it?
Happy ending are fun. They give you this everything is happy feeling. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like them. But are they necessary for me? No, not really. I do like them but at times the ending of a book needs something more.

2. Do you use your local library? If no, why not?
Of course I do! Almost all the books I read come from the library.

3. What got you into blogging?
It was my mom actually. I made one for school. It was a life and family blog (very different from this one). Last year, I stopped. I had no muse anymore. So, in December I decided to make a goal. An early New Year’s resolution. I would make a book blog and post at least 20 reviews. As you can probably tell, I surpassed that goal weeks ago. I found book blogs more entertaining to write than life blogs. So I kept going. 

4. If you could only ever read one book again, what would it be?
If I could only read one book again, I’d read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. That book was my world and still is. I would be happy as long as I could read that one book. Well, actually I’d be depressed as hell but you know what I mean.

5. Do you find that you associate music and books or that you separate the two as entirely different entities?
I believe that (good) music and (good) books both tell stories, just in different mediums. I mean music is poetry, isn’t it? I definitely put books and poetry together.

6. How do you feel when you hear your favourite book is getting turned into a film?
A mixture of extreme happiness and extreme sadness. I’m glad that others will see the story even if they don’t see all the magic that was in the book. But I know that somehow someone is going to mess it up. I don’t know how or when, I just know they will. Preferably, STAY AWAY FROM MY BOOKS! 

7. What’s your favourite genre of books? Why?
Favorite genre would have to be YA science fiction or YA “horror” (which is really just any paranormal story). I do love a well written paranormal romance though. I love the mythology of paranormal species. The better developed a history, the more interesting. YA science fiction is very interesting. I love all the futuristic settings in the books.

8. You’ve been told you’re moving to an alternate universe and there is the possibility to take one character from a book with you. Who would it be and why?
I’d take Penryn from Angelfall. That girl is smart and knows how to handle herself. I mean an alternate universe has to be evil right? It says so in the books ;)

9. How do you treat your books? Are you protective or do you not care?
I would never hurt my books :( I never bend pages or write in them. A few are quite… loved though.

10. What got you into reading? And how long have you been reading?
My mom encouraged reading from a very early on. Plus I’m sure reading is picked up by osmosis. I’ve been reading since 1st grade. I took a break from reading when I was 7 or so and was into “Pokémon” and Nintendo’s.  Oh and the PS3 phase (which I haven’t out grown yet). But anyway, I’ve been reading for 6 years give or take.

11. Is there a book you really want to read and you haven’t read it yet?
Yeah, definitely yes. Many of them in fact. Stormdancer, Throne of Glass, but mostly Game of Thrones.

Questions for Bloggers:
1.  Are books important in your life and if yes, why?

2.  Hardcover or paperback? Why?

3. Do you prefer YA or adult books?

4. Why do you blog?

5. You are in a library with all the books in the world. But you can only read five of them. Which ones would you choose?

6.  Do you listen to music while reading? Watch TV? What do you do?

7. Do you pay attention to what page number you are on?

8. Do you buy before you read?

9. What is your guilty book pleasure?

10.  Do you have a favorite book?

11. What book defines your childhood?

Eleven Bloggers:

  1. Qwerty
  2. MyReadingHabit
  3. The Book Addict’s Guide
  4. Breathless Book Reviews
  5. Wake Up at Seven
  6. Cait’s  Corner
  7. Happy Go Lucky
  8. Genius Book Reviews
  9. The Headless Owl 
  10. Refuge in Books
  11. Ginger Read and Review

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