The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
To Be Published: October 2nd, 2012
Length: 416 pages
Genera: Fantasy
Subjects: curses, assassins, camels

[Goodreads Summary]
Ananna of the Tanarau is the eldest daughter of a highly-ranked family in the loose assortment of cutthroats and thieves in the Pirate’s Confederation. When she runs away from the marriage her parents have arranged for her, they hire Naji the assassin to murder her.

When a mysterious woman in a dress shop offers her magical assistance for dealing with the assassin, Ananna accepts. She never went in much for magic herself — she lacks the talent for it — but she’s not quite ready to die yet, either. Unfortunately, the woman’s magic fails.

Fortunately, Ananna inadvertently saves the assassin’s life in the skirmish, thus activating a curse that had been placed on him a few years earlier. Now, whenever her life is in danger, he must protect her — or else he experiences tremendous physical pain. Neither Ananna nor the assassin, Naji, are pleased about this development.

Follow Ananna and Naji as they sail across the globe, visiting such mysterious places as the Court of Salt and Waves, in their desperate effort to lift the curse. Soon they will discover that only by completing three impossible tasks will they be able to set themselves free.

For me, the Assassin’s Curse is one of my best reads of 2012 (so far). It’s full of adventure, magic, and a pinch of romance. It has amazing world building and spectacular characters.

You know what? I hated it in the beginning.

It felt absurd. The main character rode of on a camel. Ok… I guess since it’s like Arabia (or something) they have camels to ride off on. But, I live in good old Midwest.

There ain’t no camels here.

Than Naji came in. After that, it became awesome. Like assassin ninja awesome.  Yes, that awesome. 

Ananna is brave, headstrong, naive, and all around awesome. She says what she likes, is capable, and isn’t automatically in love with any guy. She saved Naji just as many times as he saved her.

Naji wasn’t the normal male hero. He was a good assassin but he was at times naive and brash, and a bit insecure. Naji was completely, absolutely, amazingly amazing.

The minor characters were interesting and nicely developed. I really loved every character.

The plot is very different from most of the books I’ve read. It seems like something my little brother would make up with blood magic and sea magic and assassins. But it works. It works really really well.

It starts with action and ends with a touch of romance. If you are looking for a heavy romance, don’t go here. Minor spoiler alert: there are no kisses other than pecks on the cheek.

I found the romance in it so much more powerful because of the lack of “real romance” (for lack of better term). You aren’t told “WE ARE IN WUVE,  DEAL WITH IT!”

Writing special only works sometimes. Some either go over board or not enough. This was really nice. Sometimes I did I double take with random grammatical errors. It was really funny.

Clarke can write! I smelled the food, saw the buildings, and coughed the sand. This is a masterpiece of literature.

What I liked and disliked:

  • The Beautiful Characters
  • Wonderful World building
  • Amazing plot
  • Awesome writing


  • The Beginning
  • The Blurb

In Conclusion:
This book rocked. I loved it. It is definitely one of my favorites of 2012 and all time. I think you should BUY IT.


Favorite Character: Kaji or Ananna
Favorite Quote: 

“We’re close,” Naji said.
“Close to what?” I was hoping he’d trip and give me some kind of hint as to where we were headed.
“The canyon.”
“And what’s in the canyon?”

“A river.”
 I didn’t even care that he was weaseling out of telling me anything important. “A river?” I said. “Water?”
“Water generally comprises a river, yes.”

Rating: ★★★★★


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