Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Publisher: Tor Teen
Length: 316 pages
Genera: Horror
Subjects: Ghosts, paranormal, haunted house

Cas Lowood  has an unusual job.

He kills ghosts, as did him father and grandfather before him. But now his father’s dead and Cas has a new fire. Cas travels the world with him Wiccan mother and his spirit sniffing cat.

When he ends up in a small town looking for the ghost they call Anna Dressed in Blood. He doesn’t think much of it: simple bag, tag, and run. Instead he finds a girl entangled in curses. She kills everyone who steps in her Victorian house.

Then why did she spare Cas?

It’s sad being on the side lines, isn’t it? Anna Dressed in Blood. Many of the reviews went on about how awesome it is (insert adjective). I can’t see it. Let me tell you something, I like being scared. I like going “OMG, that was freaky”. I thought Anna would be perfect for helping me feed my addiction. She wasn’t.

I wanted a ghost that would really scare me. Make me think about her for nights and shiver. Or at least something along those lines. Make me go: “Lisbeth, there is no ghost outside your door.

Instead of that I got Casper the Friendly Ghost. Anna didn’t even try to kill Cas (the reason for which remains a mystery). Sure, she ripped someone apart, but that is the scariest thing that happened in the book.

You know, I never thought I’d say that. o.O

I hated him for the first 100 pages. Then I disliked him. By the end, I was confused with him.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit mixed about him.

He uses everyone he meets including the girl he like and then the fact that every single girl fawns over him like he is Apollo or something. And Cas is all:

♪ I’m too sexy for my cat. ♪
♪ I’m too sexy for my love. ♪

Anna’s back story was so sad. I really liked it.

Carmel was a bit boring, but she wasn’t stupid. I felt like yelling: SLAP HIM ALREADY! She didn’t. I would have much prefered her if she slapped him.

The romance was really weird. All of a sudden, he starts referring to her as My Anna out of the blue. Another thing, I find it a bit odd to fall for a girl who tried to kill your best friends. Yeah… plus she’s dead.

Maybe I’m just unromantic like that.

The plot wasn’t the worst, nor the best. It took me around two weeks to finish it because I didn’t care about it that much. Once I got about 150 pages in, I  couldn’t put it down, till the last 50 pages was a bit boring and I lost interest again.

The witch aspect to the book was totally unexpected and I really liked it! Thomas is awesome.

What I like/disliked:

  • Witch
  • Scary Ghost Scene
  • The Cat
  • The Guy Who Ate The Cat


  • Anna
  • Cas
  • Carmel
  • Not scary enough
  • Got bored by the end

In conclusion:
Though I can see how some love this book, I didn’t. I still think you should check it out because 93% of those who read it liked it (according to Goodreads).


Favorite Character: Thomas

Favorite Quote:

“I live dangerously enough. Now what’s this about condoms or tigers?”

Theseus Cassio Lowood

Rating:  ★★½☆☆

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